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08/14/11 03:01 PM #1    


George Andre' Lindley

Welcome to the forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

04/12/12 08:22 AM #2    


George Andre' Lindley

Life is like a 10 speed bike. Most of us have gears we never use. Get on your bike and come to our 50th reunion and find out what gears some of your classmates have used. You may use a gear you haven't used. Hope you are living your dream.

02/16/14 12:54 PM #3    

Lois Anne Haviland (Bridenback)

George et al,

I am working and living in Kyiv, Ukraine...will have just returned there from my weeks vacation in Morocco and have no time off then...hope you all have a wonderful time!


07/09/14 12:38 PM #4    

Douglas "Doug" Burnett

Hi Everyone--and George!!


Just checking in to say hello. Sorry I missed the "70" event. Had a client who insisted I attend a Conferernce on their behalf in Mississippi that week end. My wife is from Mississippi and has been burning the toast, so I also used the time to get her some "refresher traiing" back at home base. Ha Ha.


Hope all is well with everyone. LIfe is good. Never deserved what I have or have been able to do, but it is nice. Looking out at the lake and about to get the Ski Nautique (powered by Chevy 500HP engine) fired up and do some skiing.




Doug Burnett


03/11/16 10:04 AM #5    


Richard Thomas Frazier

I got an email from George Lindley. He said they removed his prostate due to cancer I encourage all of you to pray for him. They are doing further testing to see if all is well in his body. Men we are not getting any younger. Each year, that is every year, you need to have a PSA blood test and a prostate exam. George can tell you it is serious business. I would like to see you all in 2017 at number 55, Be blessed. Richard "Rick" Frazier

03/12/16 02:33 PM #6    

Betty Maxwell (Dubovsky)

George, heard about your surgery.  I hope you found all was well with the rest of your body.  You know that Ron Foster went through a somiliar problem.  He continues to follow up but so far, he is completely clear.  Keep the faith and continue to keep up with PSA's and exams.  Wishng you good health throughout 2016 into 2017. Soon we will be celebrating another big anniversary.  Hope to see you in 2017.  Fondly, Betty

03/15/16 11:42 AM #7    

Clyde Howell Andrews Jr.

George, Sorry to hear of your recent surgery. I had prostate cancer and had mine removed last October. Hope you're doing well with recovery. This may or may not be of interest to you, but I had a mentor who had the procedure done about 2 mos. ahead of me. It was a great help to exchange symptoms and progress with someone who recently went through same. If you want to discuss anything with someone still in recovery, I'm certainly available. Please contact me.

If any of you guys are putting off these prostate exams, I would encourage you to do so. There's a lot of controversy as to their validity. Please discuss with your doc. I had several blood tests and THREE biopsies before mine was found. 

Hope everyone well, Clyde


03/15/16 01:52 PM #8    

Marilyn Eva Titus (Whittle)

Kudos to both, George and Clyde, for sharing your health issue with prostate cancer/surgery with your classmates. It is very crucial that all men get tested on an annual basis. You both have been placed on my prayer list. Recovery has to be very difficult for a man, which is understandable. Seeking support from someone who has been thru this is a great source of healing not only physically but emotionally.  God Bless Both of You.

03/15/16 02:56 PM #9    


Harriet Waters

George, I'm thinking about you!  My husband, Kenny was diagnosed with prostrate cancer perhaps four years ago. He's having regular exams and so far, so good.  My brother was diagnosed several years ago, had a procedure and so far has been fine.  Dad outlived his prostrate cancer.  So, I'm no stranger to the disease. 

You can beat this cancer!  In the meantime, don't concentrate on your illness.  Get up, move around, laugh, live, love, run a marathon and eat lots of grits and behave!  I'm laughing.  Love to your beautidful family!  

04/04/16 01:39 PM #10    


John Frederick Hufford

I am saddened to read of so many classmates passing. I guess I feel lucky to be a 2 time cancer survivor. 10 years free this year. Tell your kids Don't Ever Smoke! It will come back to haunt you.

Roy Dezern was such a great athlete. If we had run a T or split T Roy would have been QB and he was a wizard ball handler. Loved him in our State Championship run in BB too (that dang Keller was just too good for us). Roy is still a great Landonian.

Now that I've figured out what email I used to log in once and it worked again I think I will likely post more. I enjoy reading all your many notes, so thanks for keeping me up.

06/19/16 06:54 PM #11    


William (Fred) Kestler, Jr.

John, I really like your post.  What I was thinking when I was reading it was how much fun it would be it everyone posted pictures from our time at Landon.  And then we could make comments about the photos.  Even cars from that eara, the Texas BBQ, J Note dances, pictures of jacksonville or the beaches.  I'll have to start looking for some old photos.  What do you think?

08/16/16 08:08 PM #12    


Lesley Ann Kidder (Wolfson)

George, looking forward to seeing you this year and the reunion next year. Thanks to you and the committee for working so hard to keep us going.

Lesley Kidder Wolfson

08/16/16 08:22 PM #13    


Lesley Ann Kidder (Wolfson)

George, did not know about your cancer till I read the responses. I live in the same town and must live in a hole!!! Know how you must feel. I have had 2 bouts of cancer myself. I have been cancer free for 8 years. Live one day at a time and enjoy every moment. To all of you other cancer survivors glad to hear all is well.

See you next year.

Lesley Kidder Wolfson

12/01/21 04:18 PM #14    


Lloyd "Boomer" Cowart

Hey All in Lion Country.......

I have noticed that the message board is not being used . I guess it is because of Facebook, Tweter , and such.

I am as guilty as we all might be. After looking the site ove we all should be using this platform to reach out to one another.

So hear goes. I was 77 11/26/2021. This is good news as I plan to continue to have Birthdays as long as my Maker will allow.

Carolyn and I hit our 16th anniversary . As most of you know I was married the first time 42 years.

I read post from some of you on facebook but I get put in Facebook jail sometimes. They do not like my conservative views. 

Hear lately I have been working in my remodelimg business , selling Real Estate, working on my rental houses and my and Carolyns house. I like to give things away to folks who need them. I have a three bay garage full of stuff I give to people in need. Like a house fire , flood damage ect. it is amazing what renters will leave.

We have 7  Adult cchildren which has porduced 15 grand children and 4 great grands.. What a joy.

Looking foward to the 60TH reuinion and the fun fun fun Birthday Party .

See you soon !!


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